Rockit Festival | Jazz and beyond | De Oosterpoort Groningen



Rockit is a new adventurous festival that takes place on Saturday November 10th 2018, full fusion of genres and styles: from jazz to alternative rock, experimental pop to composed music. Venue De Oosterpoort presents eighteen acts in five rooms, in one day.

Expect an exciting mix of rising stars next to established names, with Pioneer Herbie Hancock as source of inspiration. The festival is named after Hancock’s monster hit of 1983: Rockit. This song was groundbreaking as mix of funk, jazz, hip-hop, dance and a touch of rock.

Enter a new galaxy 
The program that De Oosterpoort presents, along with co-producer, the North Sea Jazz Festival, contains artists who are open to the unknown. Who wish to enter a new ‘galaxy’, taking jazz as a starting point, and going beyond genres and styles. These artists and groups collaborate with hip-hop, pop/electro and rock musicians, and integrate those influences into their own projects and records.

Rockit shows steaming duos that constantly challenge each other, to an intimate jazz setting and movement, to underground with a raw edge and challenging shows at the main stage. Rockit has it all: hip, contemporary, stinging, pioneering. In short: future music.

TICKETS: 51, 00 euro’s (inc. 3, 50 euro’s of service costs).